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March, 2017

Search for "cost of higher education" and Google returns 124 million results. “How to pay for college” returns a whopping 282 million results. Determining how much your education will cost and how you’ll cover those costs is a topic on nearly every prospective student’s mind. We’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts about paying for school to aid in your research and planning.

The Big Q: How Much?

Let’s say the sticker price for your dream college is $35,000 per year — is that how much you’ll actually pay for school?! Find the answer by using this formula for calculating net price.

Debt — Is It An Inevitability?

What you need to know about “no-loan policies” that replace student loans with money that you don’t have to pay back.

Think Outside the Box.

Look beyond loans, grants and college scholarships to help pay for your health care education.

Serve and Be Served.

Interested in a career in primary care? Committing to service might be the way to go. These programs help you pay and fulfill a need.

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